Slide The Shadows are as important as the light
-Charlotte Brontë

Slide ABOUT US Our Experienced team of clinical and psychiatric staff is trained beyond their technical qualifications to guide you or your loved one through their mental health journey with exceptional and compassionate care when it's needed the most. Slide MISSION At Lost River Wellness, we believe in human resiliency. We are committed to providing personalized care to our clients with psychiatric, medical, and clinical providers who are honored to walk with you on your life path until you are ready to walk independently. Slide Our clients are people with specific needs, not numbers or statistics, and as such our care will be individualized for each person we serve. Our mission is to equip individuals with the resources to achieve their personal objectives and live fulfilling lives.

We strive to redefine the quality of mental healthcare with a personalized approach, and encourage you to lean on us in your time of need. For our team, every day is an opportunity to catalyze change.

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