Lost River Wellness (LRW) is an intensive outpatient/outpatient behavioral health facility offering individual programs tailored to the needs of our clients and his/her support group. LRW accepts cash pay and insurance options.

Research indicates, the longer the engagement in treatment, the greater the long-term outcomes. By spending enough time with our caring and supportive staff, clients have the opportunity to learn to make emotional, behavioral, cognitive changes that can last the rest of their lives. While clients are with us at LRW they go through many phases of understanding and become educated on their mental health disorder(s), alcoholism and/or drug addiction, address the underlying symptoms. Here, they develop new healthy pro-social coping mechanisms, skills and techniques, address past experiences which have supported increased mental health symptoms and continued use, develop long-term relapse skills and comprehensive transition planning. All like area deficits are addressed through our group therapy, individual and family sessions and thorough case management.

Program Overview

LRW offers a variety of evidenced-based, federally approved best practices, mental health and addiction therapy methods in order to provide clients with the help they need to fully recover. Our team of skilled clinicians use individual and family counseling sessions as well as group therapy to help clients address all life areas of concern. Clients are thoroughly screened and assessed at intake, to ensure they are placed in the appropriate level of care. Assessment continues throughout their treatment episode to ensure clients are transitioned to lowering levels of care as clinically indicated. All service plans are individualized and reviewed and adjusted regularly to ensure the greatest quality of care for each client.

Program Objectives

LRW’s social-modeling, evidenced-based therapeutic program addresses the mental health, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social issues that impact our clients and support continued substance use, abuse and dependency. LRW assists patient in all life areas.

Clients are exposed to multiple maintenance programs, for continued success post-discharge, including but not limited to community support programming, ongoing case management and connections with ongoing resources within their natural environments.

LRW is a quality intensive outpatient/outpatient facility dedicated to helping clients and families improve their mental health and recover.  Our objectives are to assist clients in reducing/eliminating their mental health symptoms, and empower them to address their illnesses, restore self-worth, create confidence, increase motivation and recover.  The program is designed to meet the individual needs of those persons who require our personalized and individual attention, program intensity, and staff commitment.

The LRW team is composed of licensed and/or certified counselors collaborating to provide clients the greatest opportunity to achieve the goals and objectives of their service plan(s).

Group Therapy

We offer multiple group therapy tracks. If you are seeking something specific let us know. Current tracks include: Process Group Gender Specific Process Group Women’s Needs Anxiety and Depression Co-occurring

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