Virtual Reality
Coming soon: Call for more information 208-813-6246 As part of a comprehensive
treatment plan

Billionaire Orphan What is vr (virtual reality)? It is a dynamic enviorment created by technology that evokes a sense of immersion in the user

It's an experience comparable to real life that can generate emotions, thoughts, and similar reactions.
Sense of Immersion radio_button_checkedsense of presense
Unami Master Interactive Enviorments
Your clinician will guide you through environments tailored to your treatment plan
Over 90 environments
Ungracefully Baked Helps to treat specific mental health conditions Generalized Anxiety,Stress, Depression, OCD, Addictive Disorders and more find out if VR is right for you Science Fiction is vr right for you Like any treatment, VR is not for everyone. If your clinician recommends VR, together you will decide if you will add it to your treatment plan. fill out the form below and we will contact you 23 APRIL 2020

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